Historias de colonoscopia

¿Realmente cómo es una colonoscopia? ¿Cómo han ayudado las colonoscopias a otros pacientes? Aprenda de los pacientes que ya han pasado por la experiencia.

Aprenda más de los beneficios y riesgos asociados con la colonoscopia »;

I came to the Tour de Tush Colon Cancer Awareness Event sponsored by my employer in 2015 just to help. But in the end, it helped me.

“The signs at the event said people should be screened at the age 50 for colorectal cancer. I was 54. After hearing so much information, I was motivated to have my colonoscopy. It changed my life, as I was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer. Thankfully, the early diagnosis meant there was hope. Now that I have undergone treatment, I’m hoping I’ll see 90.”


In my early 70’s, my doctor said several times that I should have a colonoscopy.

“I felt fine so I didn’t think I needed one. I finally gave in and said to go ahead, and I scheduled one. In 2003 I had my first colonoscopy, and they found a tumor. I had an operation to remove the tumor because the biopsy showed it was cancer. They removed the tumor and a foot of my colon. I didn’t have to have any other treatment.”

“I’ve had several colonoscopies since then, and after 13 years, I’m still cancer free. This Thanksgiving I was able to enjoy being with my family of 30 because I had that first colonoscopy.”


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*Estos testimonios están basados en experiencias de pacientes reales. Su experiencia puede variar. Esta información no pretende ser sustituto de la asesoría médica. Por favor consulte a un profesional médico antes de tomar cualquier decisión importante para su salud.