What’s a colonoscopy really like? How have colonoscopies helped other patients? Learn from patients who have gone through the experience.

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I came to the Tour de Tush Colon Cancer Awareness Event sponsored by my employer in 2015 just to help. But in the end, it helped me.”

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“The signs at the event said people should be screened at the age 50 for colorectal cancer. I was 54. After hearing so much information, I was motivated to have my colonoscopy. It changed my life, as I was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer. Thankfully, the early diagnosis meant there was hope. Now that I have undergone treatment, I’m hoping I’ll see 90.”


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In my early 70’s, my doctor said several times that I should have a colonoscopy.”

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“I felt fine so I didn’t think I needed one. I finally gave in and said to go ahead, and I scheduled one. In 2003 I had my first colonoscopy, and they found a tumor. I had an operation to remove the tumor because the biopsy showed it was cancer. They removed the tumor and a foot of my colon. I didn’t have to have any other treatment.”

“I’ve had several colonoscopies since then, and after 13 years, I’m still cancer free. This Thanksgiving I was able to enjoy being with my family of 30 because I had that first colonoscopy.”

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About Colonoscopies

About Colonoscopies

It is important to know the symptoms and understand the risk factors of colon cancer.

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Get Screened

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